Victor Strauss

After graduating from St. Louis University School of Law in 1984, Victor Strauss has practiced as a member of the Missouri Bar since 1985. He is also a member of the Missouri Association of Trial Lawyers, practicing in metropolitan St. Louis and the state of Missouri.

Victor Strauss has practiced law for thirty years in the St. Louis area, and the state of Missouri. His practices focuses on civil litigation and injury claims.

The office is located at 7000 Chippewa, near St. Louis Hills

Your selection of a lawyer is an important decision in a time of need.

The proper litigator is critical in resolving an unfortunate injury or financial loss. Having an experienced professional who can go the distance in pursuing compensation is essential to a successful outcome.

The lawyer you select should be one who is available to explain the necessary steps and process used in pursuing compensation. Once the lawyer is selected, the client and the lawyer will work together as a team in the common goal of obtaining justice.

To arrange for a consultation on your case, Victor Strauss can be reached at (314) 457-9673 or (314) 457-9674, or via email at:
He is now located at 7000 Chippewa Street, Suite 104, St. Louis, MO 63119.

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